Sharing Urgent e-letter from regarding current legislation in the House to cut EPA budget by 20% + dangerous riders

Action Alert

Dear Ronald,

The Republican-controlled House just passed a new bill that would slash the EPA’s funding by 20%.

Don’t let it pass!

Ask your Senators and President Obama to reject this attack.

The Republican-controlled House is attacking the EPA again: last week, Republicans approved a bill that would slash the EPA’s funding by a whopping 20%!

With pressure mounting to make drastic budget cuts, the President may be forced to use essential programs as bargaining chips with Republicans. And we cannot afford to let the EPA be one of the items on the table.

Don’t let this irresponsible attack pass – send a letter to your Senators and President Obama demanding that they reject this dangerous bill!

Passing this bill will seriously limit the EPA’s ability to protect us and our environment from our country’s top polluters. And the bill slips in several provisions that would hamper the government’s ability to defend against the harmful effects of offshore drilling, mountaintop removal, global warming emissions, and water pollution.

Contact your Senators and President Obama now to demand that they block this dangerous legislation.

This is the latest volley of attacks in the Republicans’ no-holds-barred war on the EPA. In addition to this disastrous bill, they’ve also launched the following offensives:

  • Attacked the Obama Administration’s plan to limit new uranium mining around the Grand Canyon;
  • Introduced bills that would remove existing protections for tens of millions of acres of forests and public lands;
  • Written legislation to repeal parts of the Clean Water Act; and
  • Spread misinformation about the Clean Air Act, attempting to portray the EPA as an evil agency out to destroy jobs.

The Republicans have made their agenda clear: they intend to strip the EPA of its power and funding.

It’s up to us to stop them. Please send a message today to protect the EPA from this latest round of attacks.

Then spread the word to your friends and family. Thanks again for your support.


Michael Town


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